Our Story

Founder, Sineah McGrady

Welcome to Denver DIY Workshop

Our mission is to empower and educate local Denver-ites in the woodshop using reclaimed wood. We provide the tools and materials, just show up with close-toed shoes and an open mind. 
Founder, Sineah McGrady, has always had a passion for the do it yourself lifestyle. Growing up with an innate desire for first hand experiences, she grew vegetables, sewed clothes and built decor to live among her creations. This followed her from New England to Colorado in 2016. The mile high state of mind proved to foster the same ideals.
After establishing roots in Denver, she started sharing those ideals through woodworking workshops. This began by teaching friends how to build hanging shelves. Denver DIY Workshop has evolved to teach wood working through a specific project build that students take home right away.
Her favorite part of this journey is experiencing folk's pride when they leave class having learned something new, perhaps conquering a fear that was holding them back and their joy at having created something with their own hands and hearts.