Workshop Testimonials

Listen to what these Denver DIYs have to say about their workshops!!

“Wow! I was so impressed with this entire workshop. From the wide array of types of wood to the impressively knowledgeable instructor to the industrial grade (totally legit) machinery, this class completely blew me away”

“Super educational and tons of fun! I learned how to make a multi-wood slab cutting board which turned out wonderful. Getting to know the ins and outs of all the tools really helps you customize your piece to your liking.”
"Sineah is extremely knowledgeable about the tools, techniques, materials and design incorporated into the projects. Her natural easy going demeanor makes for the perfect teacher and mentor in the woodshop! I loved our project and recommend her classes to anyone at any skill level who loves to create!"
"I had an incredible experience with Denver DIY Workshop! Sineah was such a warm and patient instructor and made it a fantastic learning experience. I love my projects and cannot wait to come back again!"
"I had always been interested in woodworking, but too intimidated to take the leap. This course gave me the confidence to jump right in."
- Jeremiah
"This was a birthday gift and I have to say it was a pretty damn cool one! Sineah and JD were incredibly helpful and patient with us and were willing to work with all experience levels. *Loved the class- appreciated the patience. I never felt rushed or afraid to ask a question. Thank you!!"
- Stephanie 
"I signed up for this class as an excuse to check out the Tool Library. Instructors were great, always willing to answer questions & lend a hand. What's more fun than using a power saw for a few hours & coming home with something useful!"
- Meg
"Former engineer with little to no hands on experience building outside of computer design. Need new skills and furniture building was a perfect first step."
- Jesse
"Why spend another afternoon with your face in a phone screen? This class is worth every penny. So rewarding to take away a beautiful, one-of-a-kind, handmade cutting board. This is life baby! Get into it!"
- & -
"We had a great time. This was the first woodworking project I didn't do upside down and backwards. Thanks for a really fun and informative class! We will do another."
-David & Kathryn
"Sineah was a great instructor! She made me feel at home with using the power tools. The class time was just right."
"Yay! I finally made something!"