This mountain shelf was built by a student at the Denver Tool Library. She did an amazing job for using the nail gun for the first time even leaning over and helping out another student with what she just learned. I was so proud and was happy she sent me another picture. Unfortunately all my photos were accidentally deleted from that weekend of building. Thank you for staying in touch with me, my students!
THis mountain shelf was build at the Denver Tool Library. I taught a number of classes here and it is so unique to see how everyone's turns out.
This mountain shelf looks great up on the wall as is. I enjoy placing even more natural and salvaged materials on my shelves including pine comes and dead flowers too
This mountain shelf has a series of descending mountain peaks. It was built outside in the sunny colorado weather out of reclaimed 2x4s planned down to a thin yet sturdy width.
Building a new mountain shelf, I draw inspiration from an old one referencing the width and height and then choosing to opt for a symmetrical or asymmetrical pattern.

Mountain Shelf Live Workshop and Auction

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WATCH Sineah build a Mountain Shelf LIVE

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Expect to see :

-Safety tutorial on nail gun and miter saw

-Instructions on the build and how to customize

-Review of finishing techniques 


Viewers will have the chance to bid on the shelf and the winner will receive it by careful hand delivery 

*buyers must be in Denver County*

20% of profits will be donated to the Denver Tool Library


Monday April 20 - pre-recorded video posted explaining how to customize a mountain shelf design

Monday April 27 - a live build of a symmetrical mountain shelf, will be available for purchase after!

Monday May 4 - a live build using reclaimed / scrap wood we find in my garage

Monday May 11 - taking requests of what kind of mountain shelf you would like to see by email: